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About Question Tools

The company started in 1995, and Question Tools has been a specialist supplier of generic automated assessment systems since 2001. Question Tools provides out-of-the-box assessment services — everything from simple accounts, to multi-organization systems with millions of results.

Services are available 24/7, and exam marking is automatic and instantaneous. Exams can be taken and results viewed using desktops, laptops and phones at any time.

Building Trust

You can try our editing software, for free — you can check it does what you need. While our editing software is only part of our Instant Plus and QT Powered services, it is nevertheless available for free evaluation, and can be used on Windows, Apple OS X and Linux computers.

Question Tools has knowledge and experience. We have happy users in more than 140 countries. Our largest system for a single customer contains 1.3 million test results.


Our service and software is built upon solid C++ foundations to be reliable and robust. The server software, authoring tool (Editor) and supporting software are custom-built from the ground up. As they are not perched on top of any other server or authoring environment, this makes them more robust and reliable. There is no scripting, and hence our servers are not susceptible to the vulnerabilities so often highlighted in the technology press. You can find out more about our technology here.

Web Browsers

All that is needed to administer and take exams using the Question Tools service is a plain web browser, and Question Tools supports all of the major browsers. In particular, Question Tools does not require a plug-in, such as Flash. This is important because Flash has been identified as a major vulnerability, and as a result it is banned from many networks and some technology products (such as Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod). The Question Tools assessment service does not have this problem — all you need is a web browser.

Who uses Question Tools?

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