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What training is available?

Our experience of training suggests an interactive approach is the best, starting with the two-minute tour. Exploration is the second step, with a discussion of the complexiites of various settings a good way of ending and training day.

Tours & Tutorials

The two-minute tour is a good place the start. It leads on to the tutorials. We discovered some time ago that users often do not look at the tutorials, but once introduced to them are keen to work through more. They are typically two minutes in length each, very focussed, with some interactivity (i.e. a question at the end). This leaves the user feeling in control. They have proved very popular and quickly get everyone up to speed.


Trying Question Tools is the next step. The best approach is to try a test, and then to look at the result. If users are creating their own tests then it is a very good idea to limit the number of questions/screens they create to just three or possibly five. This allows users to find out about the whole cycle of creation, publishing, and results without becoming exhausted in the struggle to invent many questions — a creative task that is always more effort than it first appears.


Examination systems are much more complicated than they first appear. The details, the settings and the implications of the various choices that can be made are set out in detail in the help that accompanies Question Tools Editor. For example, the fact that questions can be classified, and the results broken down is explained. The way questions can be selected at random from a group can also be made contigent upon category membership. Some types of screen, such as ones that are set to appear at the start or end of a test, can be excempted from this random selection. There are a great many other complexities, and these are best explored in Question Tools Editor.

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