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  • Embed into an existing website
  • Use your own web address, such as
  • Create visual styles to match brand appearance
  • Real-time links to databases with results as they are completed
  • Access control — real-time approval of an exam via database link


  • Monitor users as they take exams
  • Exams, surveys and lessons require only a web browser
  • All results and content automatically backed up nightly — no fears over loss of data
  • Verify candidate identities
  • Detailed content access control (who can do what, and what users can see)
  • Option for encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSL), as used for protecting credit card information
  • User and content record change histories
  • Detailed server-based activity logs detailing what happened when
  • Mirrored service provides up-to-the minute backup


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  • Open individual results and step through them a screen at a time
  • Detailed question analysis available
  • View and save all an individual's results as PDF
  • View and save PDF certificates for individual tests
  • Control the detail different users can see in any individual result


  • Existing assessments can be amended and added to
  • New assessments can be created
  • Random order and random select can be adjusted for different tests
  • Team-based authoring, with real-time updating of questions as edit are saved
  • Screens can be flagged and notes attached to screens
  • Questions can be imported from Word templates


  • Categorise questions to produce results breakdowns
  • Customize automatic emails with your text and advice to users
  • Set try-again options for tests
  • Set times and days when certain assessments are available
  • Link ability to start one test to passing another


  • 40 pre-authored core work assessments
  • Automatically email new users with log on details
  • Individual portfolios for all users
  • Available 24/7 via a browser — no plug-ins or players needed
  • Monitor candidates as they take an exam
  • Selectively pause exams for candidates who need to stop
  • Maximum user accounts

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