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Instant online exams in 15 minutes...

Easy — just add users

  • 40 pre-authored core work assessments available immediately
  • Just input your users' details and your online assessment programme is ready to roll
  • Each user has their own individual portfolio, but you can review results individually or in groups
  • Monitor users as they take an exam
  • Available 24/7 via a browser — no plug-ins or players needed
  • All results automatically backed up nightly — no fears over loss of data
  • Ready to go in 15 minutes


  • Only QT-provided tests
  • Maximum user accounts: 500

Instant Plus

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Flexible — create your own exams

  • 40 pre-authored core work assessments you can amend
  • Create your own exams, surveys and lessons using our quick and easy drag-n-drop editor
  • Change passmarks, set access rules, categorise questions, set try-again options, set exam time-limits
  • Add security options such as candidate identity verification
  • Ready to go in 15 minutes

All the advantages of the Instant package PLUS editing and candidate security.


  • Maximum user accounts: 2,000

QT Powered

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Shaped — your brand, your system

  • Use our robust and reliable technology to power your e-assessment programme
  • Deliver your assessments across your organization, or to other organizations
  • Credit-card standard of encryption
  • Robust mirrored service
  • Real-time links to feed results into your organization's database

We offer a flexible and fully customisable service to corporates and publishers who wish to take advantage of all the benefits that e-assessment offers.

Use our extensive e-assessment expertise to create your own online test programme that will meet your organisation's needs without the costs, risks and delays associated with a bespoke software solution — you remain in control.


Instant Instant Plus Powered
40 pre-authored core work assessments
Automatically email new users with log on details
Individual portfolios for all users
Available 24/7 via a browser — no plug-ins or players needed
Monitor candidates as they take an exam
Selectively pause or force finish exams for candidates who need to stop
Ready to go 15 mins 15 mins 1 day**
Maximum user accounts 500 2,000 1 million**
Existing assessments can be amended and added to
New assessments can be created
Random order and random select can be adjusted for different tests
Team-based authoring, with real-time updating of questions as edit are saved
Screens can be flagged and notes attached to screens
Open individual results and step through them a screen at a time
Detailed question analysis available
View and save all an individual's results as PDF
View and save PDF certificates for individual tests
Control the detail different users can see in any individual result
Monitor users as they take exams
Exams, surveys and lessons require only a web browser
Passwords are not transmitted during log on
Verify candidate identities
Detailed content access control (who can do what, and what users can see)
User and content record change histories
Option for encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSL), as used for protecting credit card information
Detailed server-based activity logs detailing what happened when
Categorise questions to produce results breakdowns
Customize automatic emails with your text and advice to users
Set try-again options for tests
Set times and days when certain assessments are available
Link ability to start one test to passing another
Embed into an existing website
Use your own web address, such as
Create visual styles to match brand appearance
Add immediate email warnings to managers upon exam fail
Real-time links to internal databases with results as they are completed
Access control — real-time approval of an exam via database link

* The maximum online simultaneous users. This is the numbers of users from your organization that can log on all at the same time.

** Depends upon requirements.

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